ECU Software

All our software is developed in house to deliver the best from your vehicle, we offer normal Stage 1 tuning for stock vehicles but can also offer other options on request, if a client wants tuning for more specifically economy or pure power that is an option available.

We also offer Stage 2, 3 and 4 options for different hardware modifications, enquire if you have something different you’d like us to look at. We work with several OEM manufacturers on special edition models.

When developing software we always consider reliability as our main concern. With our large involvement in motorsport this gives us the chance to develop not only power and reliability but also economy for endurance racing cars where a balance is needed.

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Gearbox Software

We have performance software available for most DSG and S-tronic gearboxes. Get in touch for more information.

We can offer a variety of options dependent on the application. Options where available are;

  • Faster and Smoother Shifting
  • Launch Control
  • Holding on to gears longer in Auto and Manual modes
  • Raised Torque limits where the Gearbox restricts the Engine
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Custom Software

Looking for something specific? Anti-lag? No lift shift? Launch control? We can provide customisations for a large range of vehicle ECU’s.

With a stock car or a highly modified car we can add in a large variety of options and accommodate specific requests

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  • Rev limit changed higher or lower
  • Speed limiters removed or added
  • Anti lag for turbo applications
  • No lift shift for pure performance
  • Launch control
  • DPF removal where allowed in your country or for race applications
  • EGR delete and removal
  • AdBlue removal where allowed in your country or for race applications
  • Swirl flap delete on Diesels
  • Runner flap delete on many VAG applications
  • MAF removal/Alpha N mode
  • Start/Stop Disabling
  • Lambda removal for decat where allowed in your region or for race purposes
  • Specific DTC delete for special projects
  • Popcorn limiters for some diesel applications
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